Den Helder Airport

Den Helder Airport

When the offshore industry started during the early 1960s, the municipality of Den Helder decided to open a small heliport at the edge of the town. In the early 70s, first oil company Placid decided to start a helicopter operation from this municipal heliport. Later, the oil companies NAM and Petroland followed this initiative. A couple of years later the capacity of the heliport was no longer sufficient.

Consequently, the municipality decided to lease a piece of land next to the Royal Netherlands Navy's "De Kooy" airbase on which a new airport was founded. The terminal opened in May 1981. On 1 February 1990, the foundation of Den Helder Airport was announced. This new company was a 50-50 partnership between the municipality of Den Helder and KLM ERA Helicopters (KLE). The current partnership is between the municipality of Den Helder and CHC Netherlands.

Since then, developments at Den Helder Airport followed one another in rapid succession. In 1991, the terminal building was considerably enlarged and former KLE built a large hangar. At the same time, the Instrument Landing System (ILS) was installed, allowing aircraft to use the Airport during poor weather conditions. The following year, a new office building for the oil company Elf Petroland was constructed and Schreiner Airways and Skyline Aviation each built a hangar of their own. The next major project was the construction of a modern office building, completed in 1995 which was used by the management of Den Helder Airport.

In June 2003 the new terminal at Den Helder Airport was completed and opened. The management of Den Helder Airport also moved to this building.

In April 2004 the last three spots (6 - 8) were made liquid-proof. This was necessary for an environmental permit that Den Helder Airport acquired as of 1 January 2004.

As from 2006 there is an opportunity at Den Helder Airport to use free wireless Internet. This is offered by Wireless Internet makes it possible to check your e-mail or send documents from Den Helder Airport, with your own laptop.

In 2007 car park "C" is extended with 281 places. With the extension the total number of park places is 708. There is also a new parking system that allows payment by bankcard and Chipknip.

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Den Helder Airport Luchthavenweg 10A
Den Helder 1786

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