Cottbus - Neuhausen Airport

Cottbus - Neuhausen Airport

1935: purchase of land by the Municipality of Cottbus and the facility of an aerodrome as an alternative for use by the Wehrmacht Cottbus Flugplatz.

1944 - February 1945 using the Focke-Wulf plant in Cottbus the airfield to fly their aircraft FW-190 and adjustment of on-board weapons.

1952: Founding of the Society for Sport and Technology (GST).

1989: Award of the airport by the International Aviation Federation (FAI) with the "diplomas d 'Honneur".

1991: return of the land and property in the possession of the city of Cottbus and development to the local airport.

The airport company Cottbus / Neuhausen mbH was founded in 1991 with the aim of the former airfield of the Society for Sport and Technology as a landing site for the public to develop.

Since 1999, the airport company is a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Cottbus GmbH.

Mid 2000: Opening of the zoning amendment procedure for rotation of the runway and the procedure for confirmation of the sub-zoning.

January 2007: After multiple alterations and renovations, the new flight school in operation. In the new branch of the Flight Center Milan start the first two flight students the theoretical and practical training.

September 2007: Approval of rotation of the rail system to the new take-off and landing direction 29/11, so the current Sart-off and landing direction except 27/09 and 18/36 operation.

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Cottbus - Neuhausen Airport Verkehrslandeplatz Cottbus / Neuhausen
Air surveillance, Neuhausen 03058

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