Cochstedt Airport

Cochstedt Airport

In Cochstedt airport is located in the middle of Europe in the eastern part of Germany. The airport is located approximately 37 km southwest of Magdeburg (about 260-thousand inhabitants), capital of the Bundesland Saxony-Anhalt, and about 190 km west from the center of Berlin.

The airport Cochstedt dates from the year 1957, when on the premises of the Soviet troops occupying their air force base was established. In 1968, the runway extension and airport logistics operation expanded. After German reunification and the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the Society for Economic Aschersleben / Staßfurt first steps for the continued existence of the plant used as a civil airport.

On 26 May 1994 the airport was an operating license as a commercial airport with aviation safety, airspace control zone "D" and approved H24 given time, ie for full day and night operation. From November 1997 until early 1999 suspended the operations of the new building during the operations areas and the control tower.

In June 2000, after approving the installation of an instrument landing system (ILS) Category I and a high-performance approach light on the operation under IFR expanded ("IFR"). In the summer of 2001, a new fire station into operation and the construction of a new terminal building for the General Aviation ("GAT") started.

Since 31 December 2001 was suspended due to insolvency of the airport operator of the airport operation and development.

This allowed the construction of the GAT, a Sicherheitseinzäunung, the ring road and the entrance gates to close. All leased equipment such as vehicles and equipment ramp were returned, all the navigational aids are however still at the airport. For expansion and development of the airport Cochstedt have been about € 50 million spent.

On behalf of the state of Saxony-Anhalt GSA acquired all assets from the bankrupt estate. This was with the marketing of the airport operation and founded in 2005 jointly with the Landkreis Aschersleben-Staßfurt the new operating company FMC mbH.

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