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The beginning of Bydgoszcz Aviation dates back to the I World War – it was founded then by German Aviation Authorities. It came into Polish hands only in January 1920 year and since then to the end of the 20’s it was used by Polish army.

The beginning of Bydgoszcz civil aviation dates back to 1929 year – in June PLL "LOT" opened the first connection with Gdańsk, Warsaw and Poznań, which with certain breaks were held until the year 1933.

During the II World War and after that Bydgoszcz Airport was developed, but communication flights offered by PLL "LOT" were restarted only after the year 1948 and with a ten-year break in the 60’s they were offered at Bydgoszcz Airport until the year 1981. For a short period of time connections between Poznań and Gdańsk were started but the longest and most popular connection was that between Bydgoszcz-Warsaw.

Activities aiming at restarting civil Bydgoszcz Airport were undertaken in the year 1992 due to national economic changes taking part in the country.

International Bydgoszcz I.J. Paderewski Passengers' Airport Terminal was open in 2004. This modern building meets very strict requirements for international airports.

Its futuristic design is a combination of esthetic and operational functions. The internal of Airport Terminal suits the Airport "Antresola" Gallery, where a great deal of artists from Bydgoszcz region set their exhibitions. The gallery is a branch of Kantorek Gallery.

The terminal itself is supplied by air conditioning system and equipped in electronic monitoring network, fire protection and approach control.

People may also use a coffee bar, newspaper agencies, currency exchange office and other shops. In the near future another restaurant will be open as well.

All customers of International Bydgoszcz Airport can always count on a professional and kind airport staff services not only while at Information Point but also within the whole terminal area.

The main objective of Bydgoszcz Airport is to win new airlines and create new routes directly communicated with main European junctions.

A long-term strategic plan and a master plan are being drawn up. They will provide information on main airport development directions, local aviation market analysis and a strategy of attracting new airlines which would result in new air routes creating.

Bydgoszcz Airport successfully gain EU funds on regular basis to facilitate airport infrastructure and services development.

European Regional Development provided Fund for Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region in 2007-2013 the following investments are planned:

A long-term strategic plan also includes facilitating of airport surrounding area and creating of a new payable car park. Additionally, new restaurants are planned and a viewing terrace is going to be used more efficiently.

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Bydgoszcz L.J. Paderewski Airport Al. Jana Pawła II 158
Bydgoszcz 85-151

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+48 52 365-47-00
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