Budapest Airport Zrt.

Budapest Airport Zrt.

BA Zrt.’s mission is to make Budapest Airport the most successful airport in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger growth, service quality and operational efficiency up to 2015. The airport shall be the key driver of local economic growth for Budapest and for Hungary as a whole.

Budpest Airport Zrt. is in charge of managing, operating and developing Hungary’s main international airport, which is at the same time the second largest airport in the new EU member states. The airport company has set itself the goal of efficiently and profitably on a sustainable basis.

The airport company aims to strengthen the airport’s strong global position in the private airport market and to identify and realize the airport’s many potentials. With the help of active and fast business growth, the motivated management team will strengthen the airport’s position in the growing competition.

In 1938 the conception of building a new airport in Budapest entered on the agenda. The area in the boundary of three settlements, Pestszentlőrinc-Rákoshegy-Vecsés, was assigned as the area of the new airport. The Airport was intended as one jointly for civil-military-sporting purposes. Civil facilities were designed to be built up in the north-western and military ones in the south-western section. Just as for each building, a public tender was invited for the designing and construction of the traffic building.

With respect to Budapest Airport’s traffic, the number of landings at Hungary’s single international airport has increased from 4,786 at opening to 17,133 and in passenger traffic from 49,955 to 359,338 by 1960. Regular and occasional passenger and cargo transport aircrafts departed to more and more countries.

As from January 2002, a new chapter started in the life of the airport again. In lieu of the liquidated Aviation and Airport Directorate two new organizations were established. HungaroControl became responsible for air navigation and Budapest Airport Zrt. for operation of the airport.

In autumn 2007, Budapest Airport Zrt. has communicated its future plans for the airport and launched its expansion and modernization program BUD Future. Up to 2011, more than 261 million euros will be invested in expanding capacities and infrastructure and upgrading services at Budapest Airport. The airport will thus be able to cater for the continuing growth of traffic and the increased demand for Budapest Airport as one of the region’s most important hubs.

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Budapest Airport Zrt. P.O.Box. 53.
Budapest Ferihegy 1675

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