Boryspil International Airport

Boryspil International Airport

Boryspil International Airport is located 29 km south-east of Kyiv and 6 km south-west of Boryspil and occupies the territory of 943.0ha. The airport has two parallel runways and approximately 200 operational, office and auxiliary buildings and constructions.

The history of Boryspil Airport dates back to May 1959 when the decision was made to create Boryspil Airport of civil aviation, named Kyiv (Central), on the basis of a military aerodrome.

The airport has undergone many changes since then. Out of a small military aerodrome, Boryspil Airport has become a modern international airport with a team of several thousand highly qualified employees who mastered up-to-date aviation machinery, implemented European service technologies, modern equipment, technical means and systems.

Boryspil International Airport is the main air gateway of Ukraine and shares 62% of the total volume of air passengers of Ukraine. The airport is located at an intersection of many air routes running from Asia to Europe, America and back and is the only Ukrainian airport which serves transcontinental flights.

Today, 42 foreign airlines and 8 Ukrainian airlines operate regular passenger flights on 84 routes including 72 international routes and 12 Ukrainian ones.

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Boryspil International Airport Kyiv

Contact Info
8 (044) 281 70 31, 8 (044) 281 74 66, 8 (044) 490-47-46)

Boryspil Weather info
Clear sky

Location of this weather station:
5.2 km East-Southeast

Reported on:
Fri, 2018-08-17 02:00

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