Black Forest Airport

Black Forest Airport

Black Forest Airport Lahr is the longest runway (3,000m) in South West Germany and one of the strongest runways (PCN 100).

In 1913, opening as airfield for Zeppelins.

In 1928, designated as international Zeppelin airfield. Later used as military airfield.

In 1967, France leaves NATO, french troops withdraw. Replaced by Canadian Starfighter Squadrons formally based at Marville, France. Headquarters and Garnison town for the Canadian NATO troops.

In 1970, Canadian 4th mechanised Brigade based at Lahr, Logistic support for the Canadian troops in Europe.

In 1996, founding of the airfield company Flugplatz Lahr GmbH.

In 2000, strasbourg airport is closed due to renovation. Lahr Airport services 1/3 of the Strasbourg airport traffic over a period of 40 days, 25.000 passengers passing through.

In 2001, the British company Wiggins Group plc. becomes majority shareholder of the Flugplatz Lahr GmbH, Black Forest Airport Lahr GmbH is established.

In 2004, BFAL supported by PlaneStation Group plc as parent company submits action against the decision of the licensing authority.

On 28th February 2005, the Higher Administrative Court of Baden-Wuerttemberg decided today, that the refusal by the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg of the petition to grant a general airport licence for Lahr was illegal and is revoked. Moreover, the Court held that the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg is obilgated to reconsider again BFAL GmbH's petition based on the Court's opinion as laid out in the written judgement (Case No. 8S 2004/04).

On 30th November 2005, Babcock & Brown and Europa-Park Rust introduce their future plans to the public. BFAL functions as "incoming airport", attracting passengers visiting the Europa-Park.

On 16th June 2006, special permit for BFAL is granted by the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg. Passenger charter flights for with destination Europa-Park, Rust, can be handled at BFAL.

In July 2007, passenger aircraft arrive from London, Manchester and Vienna with guests for the Europa-Park, 4 times a week during holiday season.

In 2008, marketing activities are concentrated on the Austrian market. Flights from Vienna during Easter holiday, summer holiday and Halloween period.

In 2009, charter flights from Vienna are extended and further established.

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