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With over a million passengers per year the Airport of Ajaccio maintains its position as the Island’s leading airport, ranking 11th for the whole of France despite the difficult current national and international context.

A particularity of the action of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ajaccio and South Corsica lies in the importance of its mission to manage the transport infrastructures of the region of the department of South Corsica. The decentralisation Act of 22 January 2002 and the transfer of responsibility from the State to the Corsican Regional Authority have comforted the CCI in its position by conferring greater local coherence and visibility in the form of a 15 year operations agreement granted by the Corsican Regional Authority.

As well as supporting the traditional commercial lines, the CCI of South Corsica actively seeks the opening of new destinations through a voluntary commercial policy in cooperation with the professionals of the tourist sector, notably the tour operators and representatives of hotel organisations. In this way they aim to develop common promotional action in specific areas, especially in regions of high potential in terms of prospective tourist populations


Ajaccio Airport

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