Zilina Airport is the public international airport. It is used by the NW Slovak region with the population close to 1,2 mil.

The Zilina airport is mainly used for domestic and international corporate flights, private flights, training flights, amateur sport flights, air ambulance flights and other special flights including Slovak air forces flights. Letiskova spolocnost Zilina, a.s., the airport’s operator, is in charge of the ground handling operation and services as well as of the commercial utilization.

The Zilina airport in Dolny Hricov was build in 1970´s to replace the formerly existing Brazovsky Majer Airport that had to give ground to the developing Zilina city.

The first flight on the new airport had been realized on May 4th, 1972, and on August 2nd, 1974 the airport was officially open. The same year the scheduled Slov-Air L-410 aircraft type flight Zilina-Prague-Zilina was established. In 1981 the scheduled flight on the airport was cancelled due to fuel-energy related crisis following price raise in domestic air transportation. Only non-scheduled business flights took place there. The main purpose of the airport was to service the Zilina’s college of communication and transportation for their pilot training as well as Zilina’s Aeroclub, association of amateur sport flying.

The importance of Zilina airport is mainly to facilitate the access of international clients and investors who cooperate with companies in this region. The location is perfect for businesses which are directly associated with aviation. Every bigger investment in this region would never exist without aviation. Visits from abroad are also very important for their international business, for the export. Occasionally the cargo has been provided so far.

Several flights are held in this active tourism, but the increase of flights is expected, especially because of spas/Rajecke Teplice, Besenova/tourism and hiking/Vratna, Martinske Hole and exhibitions. Traveling by air is also used by a number of great international sports personalities. The establishment of regular air transportation enables providing of flights between Zilina and a number of holiday resorts in Mediterranean.

The interest of foreign investors in activities in the region of north-west Slovakia is high. The amount of direct foreign investment in this region is on the third position in the Slovak Republic, following Bratislava and Košice. It may be expected an increase in this interest in a great variety of possibilities which have not been used so far.

The economic effect of a regional airport starts when being actively joined with the local economy. As a part of infrastructure in transportation can be reflected in the support of economic development in catchment area. A functional airport supports the contact with the whole world, entrance of foreign capital into the local economy, supports forming of new job positions and the development of tertiary sphere. The airport itself is economical after providing sufficient amount of flights and other additional services for passengers, crew, air companies and other users of an airport.

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