Airport Weeze

Airport Weeze

Airport Weeze is located in the geographical centre of Western Europe on the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 1954, founding of the British military airport Weeze/Laarbruch. The Royal Air Force stations Tornados, Bucaneers and Harriers among other planes. The British are very active at all levels of society and are very well-liked as neighbours in the Niederrhein. Many friendly relationships still exist today.

In 1993, founding of "Flughafen Niederrhein GmbH". The region is the responsible body. The company works out use concepts for the airport area. The aim: new jobs and the attracting of companies, to balance out the predicted departure of 5,000 members of the armed forces.

In 1999, after 45 years, the Royal Air Force leaves its Weeze/Laarbruch base, on the 30th November. The region loses good friends, who are also appreciated as clients and customers. Over 400 civilian jobs are lost.

In February 2005, Ryanair welcomed the 400.000 Ryanair-Passenger at Airport Weeze

For the second time the Airport sucessfully presents itself at the World largest Touristic Tradefair (ITB) in Berlin. A Regional Lawcourt order prohibited the Airport from using the marketing name "Airport Düsseldorf Regional (Weeze)". The Airport is therefore now known as "Airport Weeze". However Ryanair is permitted and will continue to use the name Düsseldorf-Weeze with the addition (70 km away from Düsseldorf).

As from January 2008, Weeze Airport became part of the ADV Directorium, the international airport board, putting it into the premier airport league.

The "Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run 2008" was held for the first time at the Northern Rhine's Weeze Airport on 13 April. For this major event, over 5,000 participants from all over Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe registered for the competition. On the day of the race they were cheered on by over 30,000 onlookers.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary Weeze Airport organised the "Third Major Airport Festival" on 30 April 2008 (the Dutch "Koninginnendag", or "Queen's Day") and on 1 May, which attracted over 50 modern and historical propeller aircraft and jets from all over Europe.

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Airport Weeze
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