Airport Split-Kastela

Airport Split-Kastela

The airport is located by the Adriatic coast, 6km (4 miles) from Trogir to the west and Kastela to the east and 25km (15.5 miles) from Split to the southeast.

Airport Split was opened on 15 November 1966. The apron covered an area of 200 x 112m, and by traffic and technological design it was planned with 6 parking positions for aircraft Convair 600 and Convair 640. These were double-engine, turbo-prop aircraft accommodating maximally 56 passengers, with wingspan from 27.98m (Convair 600) to 32.12m (Convair 640) and the length from 22.77m (Convair 600) to 24.84m (Convair 640).

The planned airport capacity was 150 thousand passengers a year, and it was exceeded already in 1968 with 150,737 passengers and in 1969 with 235,000 passengers. During 1967 the apron area was extended to 300 x 112m also increasing the number of aircraft parking positions to a total of 10.

Great traffic increase continued at Airport Split also over the following years, and the greatest traffic was noted in 1987 with 1,151,580 passengers and 7,873 aircraft.

Following 1988, traffic decreased due to political crisis caused by the striving of the republics of the former SFRJ for independence, and in September 1991 the Airport Split was closed to traffic because of the aggression on Croatia.

The opening followed at the beginning of April 1992. At the beginning, the traffic consisted mainly of military aircraft, for passengers and cargo. Thousands of tonnes of humanitarian help, military equipment, and thousands of soldiers participating in the peace mission were transported by UN and NATO military cargo planes through the Airport Split. From 1992 to 1995 a total of 37,423 aircraft landed and took off from the airport. In most cases these were aircraft type C130 (wingspan 40.45m, length 34.35m), but also the biggest aircraft such as C5-Galaxy (wingspan 67.88m, length 75.54m), B747 (wingspan from 59.64 to 64.44m, length from 70.51 to 70.66m), MD11 (wingspan 51.66m, length 61.62m), DC10 (wingspan 50.41m, length 55.50m), L1011 (wingspan 50.09m, length 54.35m).

Split Airport operates its own Cargo Service with all necessary international licences. It handles cargo shipments of companies and private persons in domestic and international traffic, transported by aircrafts and trucks of air carriers. Furthermore, it offers forwarding, manipulation and storage services. Cargo warehouse for international traffic is under customs supervision. The successful operations are enabled thanks to qualitative telecommunications among Split Airport and other airports and air carriers.

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