Airport Piestany

Airport Piestany

Airport Piestany is international airport for air traffic passengers and cargo. It is mostly used by air traffic for passengers from/to Slovak Health Spa and visitors of the town Piestany.

RWY 01/19 2000 m x 30m, re-furbished terminal and other facilities agree with requirements of smaller regional airport with possibility of providing all handling services for aircraft up 95 passengers.

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Airport Piestany Zilinska cesta 597/81
921 01 Piesťany

Contact Info
+421 33 7722 629,+421 33 7722 563
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Piestany Weather info
No significant clouds, mist

Location of this weather station:
1.6 km North

Reported on:
Fri, 2018-10-19 23:30

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