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Incorporated by Wasaya Corporation (now Wasaya Group Inc) in 1989 for a requesting group of Northwestern Ontario First Nations, whose purpose was to acquire controlling interest in what was known as Kelner Airways. In 1993, the Kelner Airways name changed to Wasaya Airways Limited. By this time the Wasaya Corporation had purchased 75 % of the Kelner Airways common and preferred shares. In the fall of 1998, Wasaya Airways purchased the remaining common shares and this enabled Wasaya Corporation to hold 100 % ownership of Wasaya Airways LP, thus making it 100% First Nation owned.

In 1995, Wasaya Airways expanded into Scheduled Passenger Service, while still maintaining the charter and freighting business. In 1999, Wasaya Airways transitioned the Scheduled Passenger Service into a Scheduled Charter Service concept.

In July 2000, Wasaya Airways LP, as part of its restructuring process relocated and centralized its administration offices, including Flight Operations, Maintenance and Charter Sales to new premises at the Fort William First Nation.

Since 2001, Wasaya Airways has successfully gained new partnerships with various organizations with the purpose of providing contract transportation services.

In July 2003, Wasaya Airways purchased some of the Northern Assets of Bearskin Airlines from Sioux Lookout and Red Lake north. This saw Wasaya Airways enter back into the Scheduled Passenger business with service to 21 First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario.

Wasaya Airways depends on a diverse fleet of 27 aircraft to provide a vast network of services to customers in Northwestern Ontario and the Timmins area. Their passenger fleet is the most modern of any air carrier in Northwestern Ontario, and all of their aircraft offer two key features: they are suited to operate in northern climates and on shorter gravel runways.

Wasaya Airways offers five main base locations to their customers in Northwestern and Northeastern Ontario. Their bases are located in Pickle Lake, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay, and NEW IN MAY 2006 - Timmins, Ontario. Each base provides a vital link to the First Nation communities in which Wasaya Airways LP serves.

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Wasaya Airways LP
P.O. Box 308
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0

(807) 928-2244
(807) 928-2722

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