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The 30`s saw active airport development and construction for domestic and Soviet republics throughout the country. The first airfield and airspace development of the Primorye region began in 1931.

In the summer of 1932, the first solo flights with commercial purposes were conducted. Construction also began on a hydro-airport at Vladivostok`s Second River region, and another airport named Key Lakes outside of Vladivostok in Artyom. On August 27th, 1932, ahydroplane completed the first technical flight; and on September 2nd of the same year, the plane delivered four passengers from Khabarovsk to Second River. That day now marks the official beginning of Vladivostok`s aviation enterprise.

From that day on, passenger flights between Khabarovsk and Vladivostok became a regular occurrence. In 1934, the Second River airport was moved to a dry location and became the basis for the U-2 planes and from where regular flights were made. There were also new airports opened in Iman and Ozernye Klyuchi; a sanitary aviation created; and new planes and services tested.

During the war, the Po-2 plane carried supplies of lead-tin concentrates needed on the war’s fronts, and towards the end of the war, ammunition to the front lines. In July of 1941 a fleet of U-2, P-5, and Sh-2 planes were transferred to Ozernye Klyuchi, opening a new era of development in the history of Primorye civil aviation.

Today, Vladivostok Air is the largest air carrier in Russia's Far East, carrying about 900,000 passengers annually on its own fleet of planes. Our airline conducts flights to 24 domestic and 13 international locations. To effectively meet the demands of its wide network of destinations, Vladivostok Air maintains a fleet of 50 aircraft comprised of a wide array of plane types such as: Tu 204–300, A-320, Tu-154M, Yak-40, Mi-8 and Ka-32.

On February 15, 2008 JSC Vladivostok Air completed a reorganization, and JSC Vladivostok International Airport was separated. Vladivostok International Airport included into Russian register of open joint stock companies.

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