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The roots of Transwest Air are set deep in Saskatchewan aviation history. It was created through a merger between Athabaska Airways and Air Sask (La Ronge Aviation). Athabaska's founder, Floyd Glass, established his airline in 1955 in Prince Albert with just one aircraft, a single-engine Cessna 180.

Athabaska enjoyed steady growth in its early years, adding an average of two aircraft every year for the next 20 years. This included a helicopter division added in the early 1960s, and the first twin-engine aircraft, a Cessna 310, in 1964.

La Ronge Aviation was formed in 1960 by Pat Campling Sr. with his wife Shirley, and prospector Russ Aronec. It also began operations with just one Cessna 180 and grew steadily.

With five decades of history, Transwest Air remains Saskatchewan owned and operated. The company offers both rotary and fixed-wing charter services, and has the largest scheduled service network in Saskatchewan. Transwest Air is also one of the largest independent air carriers in Canada.

Transwest Air is Saskatchewan's largest and longest operating airline, providing scheduled flights & freight service to Saskatoon, Prince Albert, La Ronge, Stony Rapids, Fond du Lac, Wollaston, Points North, and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Transwest Air also offers charter service of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and operates a float plane base in Lynn Lake, Manitoba.

Transwest Air has an extensive fleet of over 40 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, adapted for use on dry land, water and snow.

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Transwest Air
Box 100, Hangar 21, Prince Albert Municipal Airport
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5R4

(306) 764-1404, 1-800-667-9356
(306) 763-1313

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