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In 1954, September 18, TAROM (Romanian Air Transport) was founded. Six years later, TAROM was operating to almost all European countries. In 1966 TAROM flew its first flight across the Atlantic and had introduced by 1974 scheduled flights to New York. That same year, TAROM also inaugurated its services to Beijing. Another first in 1974 was TAROM's maiden flight from Bucharest to Sydney, via Calcutta.

In 1990, in order to meet the free market economy performance criteria, TAROM started a new strategic program. The sense of competition was a real stimulant for TAROM's determination to bring its product up to international standards, taking into account the fact that many world's famous air carriers were already operating to Bucharest.

TAROM's main activity is air transport by graphic (people, luggage, cargo, postal internal and international air transport by regular or charter flights).

Due to the prevailing trends in the air transportation worldwide: deregulation, liberalization, free competition, airlines merging etc., TAROM is facing keen competition, on both domestic and international markets, from both Western and Eastern-European air carriers.

Therefore, in the process of restructuring, TAROM also took into consideration other aspects besides the modernization of the fleet. The company initiated a process for redefining its own product by adopting a new marketing concept, aimed at developing diversified airline services.

Passenger satisfaction and comfort is the ultimate goal of any air carrier. At TAROM, special attention was paid to the quality of services and products.

Punctuality and reliability are being enhanced in order to satisfy the passengers' expectations and requirements. Thus, complex measures were set in place, among which it is worth mentioning the improvement of the quality and the variety of food choices on all international flights.

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TAROM Bucharest, Romania

+40 21 317 4444, +40 21 316 2037

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