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Shenzhen Airlines was founded in Nov, 1992 and had entered into service on Sep. 17th, 1993, which is a share holding Airline Company specialized in air passenger, cargo and mail transportation.

Shenzhen Airlines takes the mission of ’Becoming the world most welcome and valuable airlines, Promoting the national aviation industry to be the world’s preferred choice’, and the vision of ’Pioneering the unique airlines’ to present the public their targets and responsibilities, and to contribute their full strength on making China as an advanced country or Civil aviation.


They are aspired to become the most welcome and valuable airlines in the world, promote the national aviation industry to be the world’s preferred choice.

They have the mission to become one of the most welcome and valuable airlines in the world by all-round innovation and persistent improvement.

As a member of China civil aviation industry, they have the mission to make effort to boost the development of the whole national aviation industry and keep China aviation as a pioneer in the world.


Spirits (five words)


They propose to boost constant advancement by continuous improvement.

And they believe: no best, but better.

Teamwork is the guarantee for their continuous improvement, is the basic element of Shenzhen Airlines and is the footstone to unite their employees and boost continuous development.

Respecting employees, respecting customers and respecting social public is the dynamic source for continuous improvement of Shenzhen Airlines. Their harmonious development needs recognition, trust and support from all circles.

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Shenzhen Airlines
Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
Shenzhen Airlines (518128)

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