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Shandong Airlines Group Co. Ltd. has always had an outstanding reputation in the Shandong Area, and is a limited-liability air transportation corporation first formed in conjunction by ten large stakeholders, including Air China International, Shandong Economic Development Investment Co. On March 12, 1994, the company was founded after approval was granted from the State General Administration of Civil Aviation and the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Shandong.

The operation of Shandong Airlines Group is based on the relations of equity and controlling assets in its subsidiary companies. The subsidiary companies include Shandong Airlines Co. Ltd., Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong International Aviation Training Co. Ltd, Shandong Airlines Rainbow Executive Aircraft Co. Ltd., Shandong Airlines Xiangyu Technology Service Co. Ltd, Shandong Rainbow Aviation Advertising Co. Ltd, and Red Crowned Crane Hotel. The model has a primary focus in transportation, and has a management model that is inclusive of a mix of aviation, maintenance, hospitality services, and advertising.

Currently, under the guidance of the Scientific Development Concept, and with a diligent mind for innovation, Shandong Airlines Group is working to continuously improve its core competencies, and increase their area of services. Its development opens the way for a peaceful and harmonious outlook in the year ahead.


Shandong Airlines
5746 – East 2nd Ring Road
Jinan, Shandong PR China


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