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JSC "Sayakhat" Air Company was found in 1989 by the group of airmen, led by Vladimir Kuropatenko. The Company operated flights by rented Aircraft, mainly on territory of former USSR. First Aircraft Il-76TD was purchased In 1991 and then, during the same year, there were purchased three more new Aircraft Il-76TD. Using these Aircraft, "Sayakhat" Air Company started operation of international flights from the Republic of Kazakhstan to Europe, Asia, Africa and Indo-China. In 1992, "Sayakhat".

Sayakhat Airlines started operation regular flights Almaty-Astana-Almaty, Almaty-Aktau-Almaty, Almaty-Atyrau-Almaty, Almaty-St’ Petersburg – Almaty; Almaty-Kiyev-Almaty. Since year 2000 and till now, they operate charter passenger flights to Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Cyprus and other countries.

More than 16 years have passed from the date of the foundation of "Sayakhat" Air Company. There are four Aircraft Il-76TD and three Aircraft TU-154 M in the Airline’s fleet. The aerotechnics meets all aircraft exploitation standards. Construction departments named by Tupolev and Ilushin and Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan regularly inspect aircraft airworthiness. Sayakhat Airlines staff consists of more, than two hundred specialists of different classes. All specialists constantly have advanced training and professional development.

Over a period of 16 years specialists of "Sayakhat" Air company’s provide high level flight safety. It is the result of constant analysis and inspection of the flights and high level of education of flight and engineer staff. All pilots of "Sayakht" Air Company have higher education, permissions for operation of IMC flights in accordance with the requirements of Civil Aviation Organization. Flights safety, high quality of services, highly educated staff and experienced command and management staff produced a good image among our passengers, tourists, travel companies and consignors, which use aircraft of "Sayakhat" Air Company. Recently, the Company operates cargo and passenger transportations in more, than 50 countries of the World. The share of "Sayakhat" accounts for 51 percent of total amount of cargo transportations in the Republic of Kazakhstan that is approximately ten thousand tons of economic cargo per year.


Sayakhat Airlines
050016 Republic of Kazakhsatn
Almaty, Panfilov str. 21

Contact Form
+ 7 (3272) 70 62 60
+ 7 (3272) 79 03 27

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