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On October 29, 2006, the aircraft of FSUE State Transport Company RUSSIA, which was formed by affiliation of Pulkovo Airlines by STC Russia, started their flights under a common flag. This date become a most important milestone, and the reference point for the company’s current history.

The air companies’ affiliation took place in accordance with the RF President’s Decree No. 1119 of August 24, 2004 and RF Government Resolution No. 881 of December 29, 2004. The main purpose of the restructuring is to create a powerful, advanced and competitive state-owned air carrier, as a part of the governmental strategy to improve the air transport enterprises’ structure to optimize the number of airlines and to consolidate them.

June 24, 1932 Is considered to be the birthday of Pulkovo Airlines. It was on that day that its first facility, the Shosseynaya airfield, was commissioned, with the first two airplanes with passengers and mail from Moscow landing on its ground.

2006 was the year of the 50th anniversary of the special-purpose air unit, later transformed into State Transport Company RUSSIA. The unit was based in Vnukovo Airport, and employed the best air pilots and engineers, high class professionals. The unit carried out governmental rank flights, carrying the nation’s most important persons.

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Pulkovo Air Enterprise
St. Petersburg
61, Nevsky pr

+7 (812) 333-22-22

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