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Northern Air Cargo's history is as rich and storied as the state in which it was born. Originally founded in 1956 as a partnership between Robert "Bobby" Sholton and Maurice Carlton, the airline was established as a charter air freight service, utilizing two C-82 "Flying Boxcars". The airline pioneered delivery of outsized cargo, such as generators and vehicle, to remote DEW Line sites, miners and settlements; delivery of freight to rural communities on a charter basis; and assistance with many special and emergency situations including the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964. Throughout the early years, the company developed a reputation for delivering what the customer needed, regardless of the shipment's size. It is a philosophy that would propel NAC to become the largest all-cargo carrier in the state of Alaska and provide the impetus for the company's ongoing expansion.

Northern Air Cargo continues to grow to meet the needs of the Alaskan marketplace. Through subsidiaries and sister companies, Northern Air Cargo and its affiliates now provide people and business everywhere with a full array of surface and air transportation logistics services to handle everything from an overnight letter to the largest projects anywhere in the world. Their philosophy is one of service to customer, delivered as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

NAC's newest aircraft, their Boeing 737-200 jets carry up to 30,000 pounds. They rely on these planes to provide fast and efficient service to state-maintained, paved runways over 5,000 feet. These aircraft come equipment with both roller deck flooring, for quick loading of palletized freight, and hard floors to accommodate oversized freight. The large cargo door allows them to carry oversized freight on their scheduled service, in addition to many charter applications throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the rest of the Pacific Rim.

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Northern Air Cargo
3900 Old International Airport Road
Anchorage, AK 99502
United States

(907) 249-5105, (907) 243-3331
(907) 249-5190, (907) 249-5193

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