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MIAT Mongolian Airlines is Mongolia's national airline. It operates a domestic route network and international scheduled services from its base at Chinggis Khaan International Airport near the capital Ulan Bator. MIAT Mongolian Airlines is a fully state owned airline with a total of 1034 employees.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines was formed in 1956 and was known at different times as, Air Mongol or Mongolian Airlines. It started with the help of Aeroflot and began flights on 7 July 1956 using an Antonov An-2 from Ulan Bator to Irkutsk, although the airline also used Soviet-built DC-3s (Li-2s) for flights to international destinations like Beijing and Moscow.

In 1958, there were 14 An-2, 7 Il-14 totally 21 civil air transport aircraft that carried 11605 passengers and 363700 kg of freight and mail. By 1970, MIAT Mongolian Civil Air Transportation Corporation was serving 130 local destinations including province centers, soums and collective farms composed 80% out of total destinations.

At that time, MIAT Mongolian Civil Air Transportation Corporation operated 4-6 flights a week from Ulaanbaatar to province centers, 2-3 flights from province centers to soums and 30% of passengers traveling from soums to province centers and v.v., and 70% of the passengers originated their travel from Ulaanbaatar were served by MIAT Mongolian Civil Air Transportation Corporation.

Upon the expansion of its international operation the company became a member of SITA reservation system in 1990, and IATA International Air Transport Association in 1996.

The Boeing 727 jets were later discharged. An Airbus A310 and Boeing 737 were later acquired by MIAT. Later on in 2003 through 2008 MIAT's Antonov fleet was discharged because they were over their warranty. In April 2008, Miat received its second Boeing 737-800 aircraft on lease from CIT Aerospace.In July 2008, MIAT stopped domestic flights completely, but in May 2009 the company announced that it would resume domestic flights to Mörön and Khovd by Boeing 737-800.


MIAT Mongolian Airlines
MIAT building, Buyant-Ukhaa 45
Ulaanbaatar 210134, Mongolia

Contact Form
976-11-379935, 976-11-328268
976-11-379919, 976-11-313385

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