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PN Merpati Nusantara was established pursuant to the governmental regulation of Republic of Indonesia No.19,1962 and was milestone of the national air transportation development.

In 1969 Merpati was divided into two operational areas, MIB (merpati Irian Barat) and MOB (Merpati Operasi Barat) including Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara, through this way, Merpati took a new step a head by changing its name into Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA). As a good fortune, since that time MNA has been well known. In 1970, Merpati did not only develop feeder line operation, but also trunk and semi trunk lines. These have been well operated.

The regional flights were initiated for routes of Pontianak - Kuching and Palembang - Singapore, as well Kupang-Darwin right now. In 1974, governmental subsidized pioneer flight was officially handed over to merpati. A series of success and achievement of Merpati resulted in trust. The valuable role of Merpati as a means of air transportation that is supported by excellent management and finance has brought the government to encourage Merpati becomes a limited company. In 6 September 1975, pursuant to the governmental Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 70 ,1971, Merpati changed into PT. Merparti Nusantara Airlines.

During the period of 1975 - 1978, Merpati initiated to gain the bigger scale of operation by participating in haji and transmigration programs. It also supported tourist by providing international charted flight, such as Manila - Denpasar using BAC-111 aircraft and Los Angeles-Denpasar with Boeing 707.

As a state company, today Merpati is optimising its core business as "commercial air transportation". In purpose, the company realizes to change several fields to achieve the goals to come the most preferred airlines in Indonesia.

Company's Vision

To Become The Most Preferred Airlines In Indonesia


Merpati Airlines
Jl. Angkasa Blok B-15 Kav. 2-3 Jakarta 10720

(021) 6548888
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