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SERVING THE LAO PDR SINCE 1976 Founded in 1976 as the national carrier of the newly established Lao PDR, Lao Airlines was originally known as the Civil Aviation Company and was formed from the merger of existing airlines Royal Air Lao and Lao Air Lines. The company became Lao Aviation in 1979 and has operated under that identity right up to March this year. The Lao national carrier initially started life with a mixed fleet of Western aircraft, including the Douglas DC-3 and DC-4, operating on international and domestic routes, as well as a fleet of helicopters enabling access to the more remote regions.

Lately of 1990s, China Yunnan Airlines shared holder with Lao government. Until early of 2000s, Lao Airlines changed to be 100% owned by Lao government and the name was changed to Lao Airlines in early 2003. It is wholly owned by the Government of Laos.

Flying mainly to small airfields in mountainous, tropical Laos, the airline acquired a not-too-favorable reputation for safety, several flights being lost over the years. More recently, with better aircraft and airfields, this reputation has been overcome. Since 2000, there have not been any accidents involving Lao Airlines. Reliability is now complying to international standards with ATR 72 and Modern Art 60 aircraft.

Today the Lao Airlines network extends to six international destinations and six locations within the Lao PDR. New routes are planned for the future, including within the CLMV economic zone of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam, China as well as to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Lao Airlines is dedicated to providing excellent flight service and making every flight you take with them safe and special. Every customer is important to them and they at Lao Airlines are dedicated to making every step of your flight as smooth as possible. Lao Airlines is in business to provide safe, dependable and friendly air transportation to their customers. Your safety, comfort and convenience are their most important concerns. In 2007 Lao Airlines received the Arch of Europe for Quality, Excellence and Technology. It marks an important milestone for them as they strive to make their service the best in the world.


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