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LAM- Mozambique Airlines was founded in 1936 as DETA, a division of the Ports and Railways services.

After Independence, by Decree 8/80 of 19th November 1980, DETA was changed to LAM- Mozambique Airlines.

LAM’s main aim, as a public service, is to provide a service to Passengers, Freight and Mail, on Regional, National and International routes.

LAM was transformed into a Limited Company, adopting the denomination of LAM - Mozambique Airlines by Decree no. 69/98 of 23rd December 1998.


The LAM mission is air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail on the Domestic, Regional and International market, of regular and non-regular nature, with the maximum safety, comfort and quality that satisfy the customers.


They want to be a Company committed to maintaining leadership on the Domestic market, positioned to achieving a relevant position on the Regional market and oriented towards meeting the satisfaction of Customers, Investors and Partners.

The LAM values

LAM regards safety, security and quality as top priorities in its operations.

The Management of the Board of LAM, as part of its commitment to Air Transport Safety and Quality Management, considering its strategy and objectives, as well as the needs and the expectations of customers, define the following Safety and Quality Policy:

Their goal is to make your travel as enjoyable, confortable and safe as possible, so we have been working to accomplish this objective.

LAM’s head office is in Maputo. It presently employs 677 workers and has offices, or other forms of representation, within the country and abroad. It has Administrative and Financial autonomy.


LAM - Mozambique Airlines
2nd Floor

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+258 21 468800 * Celular - 82 147 / 84 147, +258 - 21 465126
+258 21 465809, +258 - 21 465242

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