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Jat Airways's predecessor, the Society for Air Transport AEROPUT, was founded on June 17th, 1927. This date marks the beginning of civil aviation in their country. The first aircraft to fly under the company name Yugoslav Airlines took off 20 years later, on April 1st, 1947. Yugoslav Aerotransport changed its name to Jat Airways on 8 August 2003.

In 1987 JAT was ranked 31st among the 112 international carrier members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), and was ranked 10th in Europe among members of the AEA (Association of European Airlines).

The first three Caravelle airplanes joined the JAT fleet in 1963, and the fleet continued to grow six years later with the addition of the first Douglas DC-9, and seven years later with the first Boeing 707. At the same time, the last of the piston-engine veterans - the DC-3 and Convair - were withdrawn from the fleet. The introduction of jet-engine aircraft enabled more comfortable and affordable flights - far exceeding the characteristics of piston-engine aircraft. With increased capacity and range, these planes served as a basis for expanding the flight network, enabling the company to appear in third markets and make a bid for genuine air traffic growth. This was the main course of Yugoslav Airlines development through the early 1970s, a period tentatively termed by the company as "the beginning of jet aviation".

JAT has been a member of IATA since 1961 and of AEA since 1971.

JAT Airways currently owns 16 planes for the transport of passengers and cargo on domestic and international lines: ten B 737-300, one B 737-400 and five ATR 72-200.

During those "golden years", as some JAT chroniclers have dubbed the period, Yugoslav Airlines opened many offices abroad, carried five million passengers annually, continued to develop and modernise its technical operations parallel to developing service activities such as general aviation, hotel commerce, operating its own training centre and investing in infrastructure. JAT also constructed a large hangar to accommodate wide-body aircraft and a jet-engine test stand, which enabled the company to master the technique of examining engines and other components for modern fleets. Furthermore, the company proved excellent in business skills, sucessfully negotiating contracts with several third world companies.

Meanwhile, JAT developed its information system and introduced automatic ticket sales. In short, the company made a bid to meet its competition by responding to the growing demands and expectations of its passengers while continuing to satisfy regular passengers by living up to the famous company slogan - JAT is MORE THAN FLYING.

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JAT Airways
Bulevar umetnosti 16
11070 Beograd

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+ 381 11 3114-222, +381 11 311 21 23
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