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Israir Airlines usually referred to as Israir, is an airline based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israir Airlines was established in 1989 as Kanfei HaEmek (Valley Wings), before changing its name to Israir Airlines in 1996. It is now wholly owned by the Ganden Group The airline began with domestic services from Eilat Airport, Ben Gurion International Airport, Sde Dov Airport, and Haifa Airport in the North of the country.

Israir, the country's second largest carrier, has also been flying internationally between Israel and major destinations in Mediterranean Basin, Europe, and New York these past few years and now operates a fleet of Boeing 767-300 and 757 aircraft and ATR'S with comfortable seating for 50.

It expanded its operations to begin international charter flights in 1999 building up a route network which now covers much of Europe, as well as regularly flying to other destinations in Asia, Africa, and North America.

In addition, the company, which employs a staff of more than 350 employees, offers special charter flights and a variety of other tourism both in Israel and elsewhere where the airline flies. Israir carried more than 580,000 passengers during 2004.

Working from the very beginning with a philosophy that places staff awareness of standards of service at the center of its activities, Israir continues to invest serious effort and resources in training for excellence, offering its passengers, whether on international or domestic flights, the highest possible level of quality in the newest planes.


ISRAIR Airlines
23 Ben Yehuda Street
P.O. Box 26444, Tel Aviv 63806 Israel

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