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"Iranian Airways" was first established in May 1944 and commenced its first passenger flight right after the World War II from Tehran to holy city of Mashhad. Within a period of 17 years (1945-1962) this airline developed into a major domestic Route with a few international flights per week.

In 1954 another private airline as "Pars Airways" was established. Initially "Pars Airways" only undertook freight services to Europe. The geographical situation of Iran, expanding its spacious levels, relative remoteness of crowded areas from each other, lack of means of transportations either railways or roads, the need to initiate safe and fast connections to survey and governmental organizations, and the last but not the least, lack of an ordered equipment with high capacity to revive mutual aviation rights with other countries and also securing more welfare and comfort for Iranians, provided the conditions for the board of ministers to ratify a proposal suggested by road minister to establish a national Airline corporate on February 10th, 1961. Following this decision, on February 24th, 1961 both "Iranian Airways" and "Pars Airways" merged to form a new airline as" IranAir" with the acronyms and the symbol of "HOMA" bird and this new airline commenced its activities in April 1962.

Covering the domestic aviation transportation needs accompanied by observing the safety principles and forming transportation services with neighboring and far-fetched countries, and also considering simultaneous communal contracts on commercial grounds and interests of the country were among the reasons to establish IranAir.

At present, Iranair fly 35 international and 25 domestic destinations.Official statistics shows that IranAir managed to carry more than 4767000 passangers in Iran and 1917000 passangers in it's international routes,in 2006. Within this period IranAir also transported about 46372 Ton cargos in it's domestic and international routes.


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