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First Air is the trademark name used by Bradley Air Services Limited. First Air was founded in 1946 by the late Russell Bradley. The operations of the company originally commenced on a small scale at the Ottawa International Airport. In 1950 the company moved to the Carp Airport which is located on the western outskirts of the City of Ottawa, Canada's capital.

During 1954-1956 four Cessna 180s were engaged in the Northwest Territories (NT) for charter and aerial survey for the DEW line construction contractors. This was just the beginning of an expansion program which has seen the company become the foremost Arctic air carrier in the world.

In May 1993, First Air purchased its first B727-200 all-cargo aircraft capable of carrying twelve pallets with a 55,000 pound payload. Present day operation sees the company now operating a total of six Boeing 727 aircraft including three B727-100s and three B727-200s.

First Air has frequently flown various Prime Ministers of Canada, and several members of the British Royal Family on Arctic visits.

First Air also provides advanced pilot training and type endorsements on various aircraft types along with basic and recurrent maintenance and aircrew ground schools.

Pilot training and small aircraft, local charter work were the backbone of the company's operations until the mid-fifties. The advent of the DEW line (Distant Early Warning line) construction program brought about the first major sortie into expanded operations.

The company is now owned by Makivik Corporation of Kuujjuaq (formerly known as Fort Chimo), Quebec. Makivik Corporation is the corporate entity that was created on behalf of the Inuit of Northern Quebec to receive and invest compensation funds from the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, which was signed in 1975 as the first of Canada's modern-day Aboriginal land claim settlement agreements.

For over 40 years, government agencies, the military, scientists, researchers, the resource sector and also adventure seeking tourists from around the world, have all looked to First Air over the years to make the northern reaches of Canada more accessible. Their reputation for reliability and unsurpassed expertise is the progressive culmination of more than 55 years of experience gained primarily in Arctic and High Arctic operations.

Today First Air offers scheduled service to 29 destinations in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, Quebec and Ontario operating a fleet of 20 aircraft. The Inuit-owned airline has over 1000 employees, of which more than 450 work and live in the North.

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