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Finnair is one of world's oldest continually operating airlines. The company was founded on 1 November 1923. In recent years, a key part of Finnair's strategy has been strengthening the company's position in the Asian market and particularly in traffic between Europe and Asia. The long-haul expansion is nothing new, however.

Today, Finnair's position in traffic between Europe and Asia is well established and growing strongly. In its Asian expansion, the company is supported in particular by Finland's favourable geographical position: the shortest routes from Europe to the Far East pass through Helsinki.

Finnair is currently operating scheduled flights to 11 long-haul destinations: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in Japan; Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in China; Bangkok in Thailand; Delhi and Mumbai in India; and New York in the United States. Next summer the company will open its eleventh long-haul route, to Seoul in South Korea. The long-haul fleet currently consists of ten wide-bodied aircraft.

The Finnair Group's fields of business are scheduled passenger and leisure flight operations, technical services and ground handling, as well as catering operations, the travel agency sector and travel sector information and reservation services. Finnair Group has around 9,500 employees. Subsidiaries operate in sectors that support flight operations or are closely related to it.

Finnair Plc has around 7,000 shareholders. The Finnish State owns 55.8 per cent of the shares. Around 20 per cent of the company is in foreign ownership.


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