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DAT was founded in 1989 by Jesper and Kirsten Rungholm. In those days they only had a single aircraft of the type Short Skyvan SC-7, which can best be described as a removal box with wings and two engines.

DAT is a Danish airline offering everything from regular scheduled flights to charter flights and transport services. Rather atypically, their business platform is not founded on the desire to become a major airline with an impressive fleet of aircraft. They are involved in the business because they like it and when they choose types of aircraft for their fleet they do so not only on the basis of need and financial considerations, but rather on the basis of their knowledge of the aircraft’s comfort, safety and comparative strengths. This is one of the reasons they are able to provide such a high level of operational reliability, or put another way: they fly on time and keep our promises.

At DAT, safety is at the very heart of what they do. When they take their seats in the flight cabin, they put themselves completely in the hands of the pilot. To ensure the highest levels of safety for passengers and crew they give flight safety the highest priority.

Their aircraft are among the safest and most comfortable in the world. Their entire fleet is subject to regular critical safety inspection and is constantly maintained in the best possible condition.

Their highly trained pilots can thus devote their fullest attention to what they do best – namely to ensure a safe comfortable flight for all their passengers.

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Danish Air Transport (DAT)

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