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Blue1 has been a Finnish SAS Group airline company since 1998. The three colors of Blue1 reflect the company’s values: white and blue represent the company’s Finnish roots and identity while the silver represents the ideals of exquisite, modern Finnish design.

In only a short time, Blue1 has achieved a stable market position both in Finland and internationally, becoming the second largest airline in Finland. Blue1 operates on both domestic routes within Finland and on routes to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

From Finland you can fly with Blue1 from Helsinki, Vaasa, Tampere, and Turku directly to Stockholm. From Helsinki, Blue1 has a nonstop connection to Copenhagen as well. Blue1 also operates direct routes between Helsinki and Gothenburg as well as Oslo. Additionally, you can fly Blue1 nonstop to quite a few European destinations. From the Scandinavian hubs, Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen your connections could not be better to Europe, the USA, and the Far East.

The aim of Blue1 is to be the best regional airline for Northern European business and leisure travelers. Blue1 emphasizes the importance of a smooth network and fleet operation. Accordingly, innovative products and service are of the utmost importance in our customer-focused perspective. Extensive, flexible, and dynamic operations integrated with SAS and Star Alliance are also highly important.

Blue1 takes its responsibility to the environment and to society seriously. A committed role of interest groups is of high importance in running Blue1, and in its code of conduct, values, and daily work processes.

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PL 168
01531 VANTAA

+358 (0)20 585 6000

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