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Agency Aylavia works in sales of air and rail traffic in 2003. Since 2005, OOO "Aylavia" is an accredited agent of IATA (IATA Accredited Agent), and from 2008 is included in BSP Russia. It has direct contracts with more than 60-yu airlines (and Russian and foreign), insurance companies.

Staff agency Aylavia "have a long (more than 10 years) experience in sales of flights, which guarantees high quality services to our clients. The professionalism of their staff is confirmed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA - International Air Transport Association).

Through personal experience, the staff will be provided with detailed information about the flight and the service of many airlines. In their agency will select for you the best in price and quality alternative to air travel as well, and in railway transport.

Result of any successful organization is a profit. The growth of the profit also comes at the expense of reducing their own expenses. Quite often a major item of expenditure is the cost of travel, especially in the context of changing plans.

Personnel Agency more than 10 years successfully working in the sales of passenger transport and processing tickets. Their employees have the necessary experience of service organizations, enabling even within a limited budget to offer the best options for travel, using both aircraft, and rail transport.

Their value honesty, openness, honesty in their relationships with well-known companies and starting companies. It allows them to respond quickly to requests from companies and just follow the agreements reached, providing a high level of service.

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Most Polianka st. 1а/9
119180, Moscow, Russia

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+7 (495) 967-30-70
+7 (495) 967-30-70

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