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Air Company "Atlant-Soyuz" Incorporated was registered in Moscow on June 8, 1993. Atlant-Soyuz Airlines is certificated to perform and maintain domestic and international air carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo.

In May, 1999 Atlant-Soyuz Airline became an official air carrier of the Moscow City Government and was entitled to bear the Moscow Coat of Arms and all other symbols of the Russian capital on boards of its aircraft.

The fleet of the Atlant-Soyuz Airlines consists of aircraft of the following types: IL-86, Tu-154M, Boeing 737-300, Embraer-120. Aircraft are based and carry out flights from airports "Vnukovo". The geography of the Airline’s services covers the whole world.

The customers of the Airline of the Moscow Government include the leading Russian and international companies, the UN, government authorities of various countries of the world.

The company pays special attention to flight safety and security. The company implemented a system of flight data objective control. Practically each flight performed is coded by means of computer facilities and exposed to special analysis in order to reveal and prevent subsequent contingency situations connected with both human and technical factors.

Atlant-Soyuz Airlines is ready to perform passenger charter flights practically to any point of the world at your request. For years of work the company has gained vast experience in organization and performance of both single flights, and multimonthly charter programs.

The aircraft is capable to perform non-stop flights to a distance up to 5 200 km thus providing the best offer of aircraft in the given class with regard to price-to-quality ratio. The aircraft is equipped well enough to perform flights to the EU countries without any restrictions.

The highly skilled personnel, experienced crews and flight attendants ensure comfortable, highly reliable, and safe flight.

The total number of employees in the airline is currently over 900 people.

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2/2 bld., Tsentralnaya str.
Moscow 119027

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+7 495 436 70 45
+7 495 436 70 45

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