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1995: Entrepreneur and enthousiast Aviator, Hervé Nizard starts a Lobster trading business by air between the Caribbean islands. A Cherokee Six (N592PR) is leased from MAVERICK AVIATION. "ALBATROS" is set up and the first lobster flights start between Antigua, Barbuda, Nevis, St Barth, Fort de France and Saint François home base in Guadeloupe. Captain Philou joins ALBATROS in the first weeks. It is the start of a wonderful Aviator's adventure.

1999 - 2003: Facing a large increase of its aviation business, Hervé Nizard décides to re-organise and dives with enthousiasm and determination in the Commercial Air Charter business. There is the birth of AIR TROPICAL Inc. in partnership with another enthousiast aviator: Jean-Loup Ducray from Transcaraibes in St Barth's. A Partenavia P68 is purchased (F-OPCL) to upsize with the other P68 (F-OGVN) and the Cessna 207 Transcaraïbes fleet. As of 2001, another P68 will join the fleet (F-OGVX).

AIR TROPICAL grows in the Air charter business serving a clientèle made of tourists coming to visit the islands, and local companies.

It is a wonderful human adventure between enthousiast aviators. AIR TROPICAL expands from its Saint Francois base and, thanks to new technologies and to the huge qualities of the various protagonists, manages to put at work together people geographically far away.

2001 - 2003: In the meantime, Thanks to MAVERICK AVIATION effortless will, a new business is started for 2 customers having decided to purchase their own aircraft. Private and corporate aviation management. A first base is opened in Canefield - Dominica from where they do manage one and now two Partenavia Viator twin turboprops (N901TP-N904TP), then another one in St Kitts where they manage a Piper Navajo Chieftain (N132MF). The company expands and invest to purchase the maintenance hangar located on St Francois airport in order to have a more efficient tool with Wood Aerotech joining the network.

2004: AIR TROPICAL décides to concentrate only onto this new program of Aircraft management.


Air Tropical Inc.
Aerodrome de St Francois, 97118 St Francois
Guadeloupe, FWI

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+590 590 88 89 90
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