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Air Iceland is a dynamic company with firm roots going back to the early years of aviation in Iceland. Air Iceland is flexible yet powerful airline servicing the West Nordic countries. Air Iceland is a part of Icelandair Group.

People The staff of Air Iceland range from airline veterans to new recruits to the industry. With this combination Air Iceland hopes to achieve a great breadth of outlook while maintaining the highest levels of service. Air Iceland is a small company of about 250 employees, a dedicated team who are leaders in their field and aim to be so for years to come.

At Air Iceland their aim is to provide their customers with the best service possible. They try to keep everything as simple as possible all the way from the reservations procedure to the documentation for your customer. Once your client is at Air Iceland their airport personnel will ensure that his journey is as smooth as possible, they are extremely well trained to deal with the difficult situations that occur for example when the weather feels it has to play a part. Their reservation procedure is simple, bookings both flights and tours can either be made by sending them a fax/e-mail to our Reservations center and we'll revert with a confirmation and travel details or directly on the Internet.


Air Iceland
101 Reykajvik, Iceland

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+354 570 3030
+354 570 3001

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