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Greenland’s national airline, Greenland Air (name-change in 2002 to Air Greenland), was established in 1960. In the early years, Catalina aircraft were used as they were able to land both on water and on the runways in Narsarsuaq and Kangerlussuaq which were constructed by the American defences during World War II. When a landing was to take place close to a town, the "runway" had to be cleared of icebergs and ice floes first. Every town had a specific airport code that was painted on selected roofs of the houses in town.

As a consequence of the rapid development in Greenland in the 1960’s and 1970’s the demand for both cargo and passenger transport increased. Since helicopters are expensive to operate, it was decided to gradually switch to flights with fixed-wing aircraft. Airports were built, first in Nuuk (1979) and Ilulissat (1983) and later in most of the towns along Greenland’s west coast.

Today, most domestic air transport in Greenland is operated by the DASH-7 aircraft that can carry up to 50 passengers – although part of the cabin is often taken up by cargo. Some towns and settlements are still serviced by various helicopters.

Air Greenland also undertakes search and rescue operations and functions as an ambulance when patients need to be evacuated to a larger hospital or sent for treatment in Denmark. In addition, Air Greenland uses its helicopters in connection with mineral exploration and undertakes charter activities both in and outside Greenland. Air Greenland’s aircraft and equipment have been used for jobs in, for example, Antarctica, Nepal and Africa.

Air Greenland’s role and its development are based upon a mission and a series of visions. These form the foundation upon which company functions.



The increase in numbers of passengers has been steep. From 15,000 passengers in 1965 the number has multiplied by more than 40. In 2007 Air Greenland bid more than 403,000 passengers welcome on board.


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