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Air China Limited is abbreviated as "Air China" and its predecessor, the old Air China, was founded in 1988. According to "Civil Aviation System Reform Program" approved and passed by the State Department, in October 2002, the old Air China combined China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines and founded China Aviation Group Company. Based on the joint air transport resources of the three parties, the new Air China Company was founded.

Air China is the only airline company which carries the national flag. It became a member of Star Alliance in December 2007 and it is also the airline partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It has the first rank of brand value among domestic airline companies (the world brand laboratory evaluated it RMB 23.523 billion in 2007) and it leads domestic counterparts in passenger and freight air transport and related services. It is known to all that Air China takes the responsibility of special plane task for Chinese national leaders visiting abroad, and foreign leaders and governmental leaders visiting China, which demonstrates the exclusive status as the national flag carrier.

Air China is committed to providing passengers with "Four Heart" services of reassurance, satisfaction, easiness and sensation. Air China is the first domestic civil airline to launch "Forbidden Pavilion" first class and "Capital Pavilion" business class, the two-class services in medium-to-long distance flights centering on "lie-flat seats" and "whole journey valued service" experience, which provides the passengers with valued, comfortable and convenient travel space and considerate service.

Air China has a strong domestic and international transport capacity and a powerful sales network. Its abundant domestic routes, the largest number of international routes as well as the code-sharing with different airlines both at home and abroad, has resulted in a balanced and extensive air route network layout with domestic routes supporting the international routes and international routes supporting domestic routes.

Air China offers high quality ground service for 35 foreign airlines, 3 domestic aviation groups and airlines at the Beijing Capital International Airport, which occupies 55% of ground service of the Airport. Ground services include passengers' entry, departure and transit services, special passenger services, irregular flight passenger services, passenger luggage services, tarmac load and unload services, cabin cleaning services and supply of various ground equipments and special vehicles. Air China has operated full check-in via Beijing with more than 60 airports at home and abroad. After joining the Star Alliance, it jointly opens EDI full check-in services within the other 22 members, which offers great convenience for passengers transferring in Beijing.

Through vigorous efforts, currently Air China is the operating center loading distribution in 26 domestic airports and secures nearly 170 flights each day, which makes it the first domestic airline using the "center loading distribution" work mode. The ground service department of Air China has more than 5,700 employees. The assets of over 3,500 ground equipment pieces and special vehicles owned by this department are worth over RMB 320 million. It is the aviation ground service organization with the largest scale and strongest guarantee capacity in China civil air industry.

Air China will continuously take the management notion of "safety and passengers first with trust at the root", follow the mission of "meeting the requirements of customers and creating mutual value", pursue the enterprise sense of worth for "having a high level of service and get the universal approval of the public", and sincerely offer customers " reassurance, satisfaction, easiness and sensation".

It will make continuous steps forward towards its strategic goal of "achieving leading competitiveness in the world, continuously growing development impetus and steadily increasing profits, and providing remarkable and unique travel experiences for passengers", to stand among world leading large-scale network carriers in the global aviation industry by 2017.


Air China
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