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Air Aruba Virtual Airlines & Museum is first and foremost a virtual air carrier which serves several destinations in the Caribbean, North and South America as well as Europe. They currently operate with a fleet of Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Cessna, DeHavilland, Fokker & MD type aircrafts. They also have their code-share partner's via the DVAG & CAVA alliances. As of 2009 they are also a virtual museum where visitors can learn more about the real airline which ceased operations in the year 2000.

On the 1 of January 1986 Aruba got its long awaited "Status Aparte" within the Dutch Kingdom which is a separate entity within the Kingdom. While people were celebrating on the island there was also a lot of concern for the economic future of the island. That same day the 60 year old refinery known as "Lago" also closed its doors and while people were focusing to tourism as the new source of income for the island they still depended on foreign airlines. The fact is that the airline was created partly out of necessity, partly for reasons of local pride. There has always been fierce competition between Aruba and Curacao and Aruba was paying a very high proportion of the expenses and losses of ALM (the national airline of the Netherlands Antilles), yet they had few of the benefits.

Their goal when you are travelling or working with them is to let you sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

They are continuously committed to expanding and improving their services in conjunction with their airline partners, to ensure they meet with the changing needs of all their members & visitors. The idea behind this is to also recruit pilots to fly online and have them report their flight time/hours; all of this mostly just for the fun of it. For this they offer a mixture of complimentary aircraft files for your Flight Simulator. For their visitors they hope to be the one and only site on the net you will need to visit to learn about this great little airline.

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