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AeroSvit was founded in 1994 as a closed joint-stock company (CJSC). At present, 62% of AeroSvit’s shares belong to Ukrainian owners—the State Property Fund (22.4%), Genaviainvest companies (about 25%), Ukrinfokonsalt (9.8%), and Buro (4.8%). The remaining 38% is owned by the Dutch company Gilward Investments BV.

AeroSvit was one of the first Ukrainian air carriers to offer its passengers flights on comfortable planes with high quality service and modern standards of aviation security. In October 1994, AeroSvit leased its first Boeing-737, which was used to perform flights from Kyiv to the capitals of Russia, Israel, and Greece as well as to Larnaca (Cyprus) and Odesa.

With each passing year, the airline has increased its route network, expanded its fleet, and enlarged its traffic volumes. Since 2000, AeroSvit has been the undisputed leader among Ukrainian air carriers in terms of passenger quantity.

In October 2006 AeroSvit—Ukrainian Airlines transported its six-millionth passenger. This event occurred almost simultaneously with another important milestone, the company’s 12 th anniversary.

Flight safety and aviation security have always been the company’s topmost priorities. At the beginning of 2006, AeroSvit was granted a certificate from the International Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). This is a comprehensive airline inspection system operated in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The program demands the strictest requirements for flight management, aircraft maintenance and operation, passenger service, flight safety, and aviation security. In January 2006, AeroSvit became the 85th airline out of 260 IATA members included in the IOSA register.

Implementation of modern booking and distribution technologies has also strengthened AeroSvit’s position in the new markets. In February 2004, AeroSvit was the first among air carriers in the New Independent States to open online ticket sales via its website.

A year and a half later, AeroSvit outpaced other carriers in former Soviet countries once again by being the first to implement another new technology—electronic tickets. Since August 15, 2005, AeroSvit has gradually implemented e-ticketing technology on flights to and from 9 cities: New York, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Delhi, Birmingham, Hamburg, Toronto, Stockholm, and Bangkok. As of today, about 30,000 passengers have been able to fly with e-tickets from Ukraine’s largest air carrier. It is expected that by the end of 2007, the new service will be available on all of AeroSvit’s international routes.


Aerosvit Airlines
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