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Aeroperlas Regional has been connecting the main leisure destinations and business centers within Panama for some 40 years. From their Hub in Marcos A. Gelabert airport they operate more than 25 daily flights to over 14 destinations.

Safety is their top priority. There is nothing more important to them than the safety of their passengers and employees; they achieve it through a strict compliance of IATA regulatory standards and of Aeroperlas Regional standard operational procedures.

Global warming represents imminent danger for humanity and for our planet. Aeroperlas Regional, aware of this global threat signed an agreement with ANCON (National Association for Nature Conservation- the most well respected private institution in this matter) with the purpose of neutralizing all CO2 emissions resulting from its flights.

Aeroperlas Regional hereby becomes the first company in Panama to neutralize its CO2 emissions. The agreement states that Aeroperlas Regional will protect 1,000 hectares of growing rain forest in ANCON's private reserve in Punta Patiño, Darien, absorbing approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 – more CO2 than Aeroperlas Regional emits in one full year of flight operation.

Aeroperlas Regional is the only domestic airline in Panama that rewards its customers with valuable DISTANCIA frequent flyer miles. DISTANCIA miles can be used for travel with all of TACA REGIONAL’s affiliates, as well as with TACA, United, Avianca (Colombia), Iberia (Espana), & TAME (Ecuador). In addition to accruing and redeeming DISTANCIA miles with airline partners, DISTANCIA miles can also be earned with various credit card partners across Central America.


Aeroperlas Regional
Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (Albrook)

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